Career options for dental nurses……

Completing your dental nurse training can be just the start of an exciting career, here are just some of the post graduate career options available to you as a qualified dental nurse with some further study and development…

Special care dentistry
Support patients, their families and carers when special requirements are required for dentistry provision due to
disability, impairment, mental health conditions or medical conditions.

Support patients who find dentistry challenging (including nervous patients) in sedation aided dentistry.

Oral Health Educator
Dental nurses can undertake training to become an oral health educator, directly communicating with
patients and teaching them the importance and application of oral hygiene techniques.

Orthodontic nursing
Orthodontic nursing can be very rewarding, assisting in the transformation of a patient’s smile over time. Orthodontics not only helps position the teeth of children and teenagers but is now an affordable cosmetic treatment option for patients of all ages wanting to transform their smile.

Dental Implant Nursing
Replacing missing teeth with dental implants can be a more desirable option to the patient than removable dentures
and bridge treatment. Now a routine surgical procedure in many general dental practices, the need for dental
implant nurses is at a premium.

Hospital Dental Nursing.
Maxillofacial procedures where sedation or general anaesthetic is required, including the removal of lower wisdom
teeth and orthodontic treatment are carried out in hospital to ensure the safety f the patient. Competent dental
nursing support is crucial to the success these procedures.

Extended Duties
A dental nurse with the appropriate training can carry out extended duties, taking more of a hands on approach to
clinical procedures including applying fluoride to the teeth and taking impressions. You may even have your own
patient diary!

Practice Manager
A dental nurse’s experience and skill sets make them excellent practice managers, overseeing the daily the running
of the practice in all clinical and non clinical operations.

Dental Hygienist

Your dental nursing diploma is an ideal foundation of skills and knowledge to aid further study to become a dental

Dental nurses have a unique insight into how dentistry works, this experience can be a huge advantage for university
selection for dentistry degrees course.

Armed forces
Dental nurses in the armed forces may progress to other roles including managers and further ranks while enjoying
the benefits of world travel, a pension and even sports and adventure training.

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