"My Dental Nurse course changed my life"

Chantelle, from Zimbabwe, says studying at Lotus Dental School and working as a Dental Nurse has boosted her confidence.
She says she’s excited about her future in dentistry.

"Lotus Dental School staff are like friends"

Nevena, from Bulgaria, was concerned about finding a job as a Dental Nurse.
But in the end, she says, “I really didn’t find any difficulties”.
She says the teacher of her Dental Nursing course was “the best lecturer I have ever seen”.

Dental Nursing: Lotus Dental School is an amazing place to be.

Beth, from Kenya, has been in the UK for a year.
She says she loves working as Dental Nurse and loves the responsibility that comes with it.
She is aiming to become a dental hygienist.
She says she loves working as a Dental Nurse, “It’s something I dream of doing every day. I just sleep and wish I go to the next day and do it!”

"Don’t go to any other Dental Nursing college"

Megan, from South Africa, was nervous was she first came to Lotus Dental School.
She has spent a long time out of education, but she says she’s now proud of her new career as a Dental Nurse.

"I feel confident I can be a great Dental Nurse"

Salema, from London, felt she was drifting from one job to the next without a proper career path.
Since joining the Dental Nurse course she has been able to earn good money while studying at the same time.
She now has a new career and a new sense of confidence as a Dental Nurse.

"Every day I get to meet new people as a Dental Nurse"

Alex, from Romania, previously worked at McDonalds.
But he says he wanted a career – not just a job.
He says his life has now changed and he loves his new career as a Dental Nurse.
When he finishes his Dental Nursing course in London, he is aiming to go on and become a hygienist or a dentist.

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