Kelly’s top tips…

How to create a CV that employers can't ignore!

Finding that dream role is thrilling but once your application is in, there's that nail biting period of waiting to hear back. So how can you maximise your chances of securing that perfect job? Well, the first place to start is by creating a knock out CV that potential employers just can't ignore.

Here are Kelly's top tips to creating a super CV that will make you stand out from the crowd…

  • Do your research – Make the most of the skills that are relevant to your potential new employer, if they do they do lots of community work then shout about any voluntary experience you have. If they are a high-end private practice then highlight any employment you have had in a similar luxury setting. The trick is to tailor your CV to both the role and the employer.

  • Short and sweet – Keep it to two pages, and that's the maximum! Employers may receive lots of applications and they simply don't have time to read tons of information, so keep your CV punchy and to the point. Make the most of any experience relevant to the role you're applying for, and keep everything else to a minimum.

  • Get creative – An attractively designed CV is going to stand out from the crowd. It can be worthwhile investing in a good template from somewhere like Adobe Stock Templates or similar. When designing your CV, don't cram in lots of text, as this can be hard to read, instead use white space and bullet points to attract attention.

  • The personal touch – Including a photograph will immediately give your application a more personable feel, just make sure it's a professional headshot and not your favourite selfie!

  • Check it – Then check it again, and get someone else to read over it, too. Poor spelling and grammar can be a real turn off for potential employers, so take the time to ensure that yours is spot on.
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