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How to get a trainee dental nursing job

Becoming a dental nurse will set you on the path of a wonderful career with lots of opportunities to progress within your role, work at different practices, and give something back to your community. It's a fabulous journey, and one that I have enjoyed for many reasons (we'll talk about those in a later newsletter)!

Once you have taken the decision to become a dental nurse, how on earth do you go about getting a job? Well, first things first you need to get the right training firmly under your belt. Enrol yourself on a NEBDN Diploma in Dental Nursing course with an approved provider. If you're not sure whether they are legitimate or not, simply check to see if they are listed here: http://nebdn.org/where-can-i-study. If not, I suggest very swiftly averting your attentions to a provider who is on that list!

My top tip is to be very wary of any college that promises you a job at the end of your training, this is false advertising and I often find that these establishments are simply after your money; the only person who can guarantee you a job is a dental practice owner. At Lotus Dental Education, we have a good network of dental practices that advertise vacancies exclusively for our students, so although we cannot guarantee you a job, we do promise to bring lots of opportunities your way. However, the rest is down to you…

Here's what you need to have in place

Update your CV! As obvious as this sounds, many people forget to do this and then panic and rush it to apply for a job. Spend some quality time on this, it's the first thing a potential new employer is going to see about you and it's vital to make a great first impression, even on paper. That said, I think it's a nice touch to include a nice, smiling photo of yourself to your CV. This makes you look personable and approachable, which are key attributes for your new role working with the public.

It is also very important to have your Hepatitis B vaccination in hand because this is a requirement before you can start working as a dental nurse.

Where to start your search

– Register with dental recruitment companies in London

– Register with Indeed – https://www.indeed.co.uk

– Register with Gumtree – https://www.gumtree.com

– Join the Facebook group Dental Nurse, and Advice Forum, as they have plenty of jobs on there – https://www.facebook.com/groups/474468782705623/?fref=ts

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