How to make millions working as a Dental Nurse

This looks like the kind of idiotic post you see all over the internet, the link bate designed to hook you in. "How to get perfect abs in 5 minutes a day" "how to make a million dollars from home" etc etc. Stick with me though, it is possible and the title is there to make a point.

Think about a job that no matter how good you get at it, you'll only make minimum wage. Let's take the job of the supermarket trolley pusher. It doesn't matter how good you get at pushing trolleys, you'll never make your millions.

Here is why:

  1. Do you need any skills or experience to get this job?: No
  2. Who can do this job: Anyone
  3. Is there any career progression: No

As a general rule, the more barriers to entry there are, i.e the more requirements to get a job, the more likely you are to get paid well.

Let's look at that same set of questions for Dental Nursing

  1. Do you need any skills or experience to get this job?: Yes, you must be on a recognised course.
  2. Who can do this job: Only those who have studied to be a Dental Nurse.
  3. Is there any career progression: Yes.

Okay, so that gets us some skills, not everyone can do this job, and therefore employers have to pay more money to someone with this skill set. It's still not going to make you millions though, but I'll get to that.

The first stage on the road to earning more money and generating a successful career is gaining skills. These skills differentiate you from every other job seeker out there. At lotus we run a year long course and at the end of it you'll be a fully qualified dental nurse, and since you'll be working alongside taking the course, you'll also have experience.

Hang on, you might be thinking, we started out talking about making a million and now we are talking about spending out, paying to join a course, we are going backwards!

The thing is, it is an investment, and investment in you and your skill set.

There are lots of things you could buy instead with this money: the latest iphone, a new handbag, a used car (not a very good one, the course is quite cheap).

However, the problem with all of these items is that they are declining assets. Each year the item will be worth less than the last. In five or six years time the iphone will be worth zero, the bag might still be worth a few quid if you treated it well, and the car will certainly worth nothing.

When you spend out on yourself, on your education, that asset grows. Let's stay you start out as a dental nurse trainee and earn 20k each year whilst studying. By the time you have finished the course you have one year's experience and a qualification and so your salary increases to 25k and a year after that with 2 years experience you make 30k.

After two years of working in a specific industry like Dentistry you'll have learnt a lot. So where next? You could invest more in your career and do a course in hygiene and become a dental hygienist. The business side of dentistry might interest you and you could go on to manage practices, eventually you could run your own dental business.

If you think there is no money in dentistry, take a look down Harley Street.

Realistically, making a successful career for yourself is about gaining skills and about being respected for doing something that you are good at. Money does come with that, but it's just a bi-product. If you are great at doing something, you'll enjoy it, and people will pay extra to get someone who good at what they do.

If this sounds like nonsense, I urge you take a look the testimonial videos. These people are all in the early stages of their career and already the changes are starting to happen.

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