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National Diploma in Dental Nursing - Course at Lotus Dental School

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A rewarding career that pays a good wage in a caring profession

To get paid as a trainee Dental Nurse while you’re learning

12 easy to manage installments

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Lotus is Accredited by The National Examining Board for Dental Nurses and CACHE with Parent Organization NCFE.

All bodies listed are Governed by the General Dental Council UK.


DENTISTS: Do you want to work with the best dental nurse trainees?

Do you want to work with someone full of enthusiasm?

Would you enjoy mentoring someone who is eager to learn?

Do you need a new trainee dental nurse?

Remember that drive and determination you had at the very beginning of your career? It's funny, as our career progresses we gain experience, but often that drive and vitality ebbs away.

At Lotus we have huge numbers of dental nurse trainees, who are right at the beginning of their career. Trainees may not have as much skill as a fully qualified nurse, but they make up for it with sheer enthusiasm.

Don't believe me? Think that this is marketing spin? Check out the trainee nurses who have been on our course in the video at the top of the page.

Their eagerness to learn and drive their career forward is infectious.

Who wouldn't want to work with one of these people?

Would you like to work with one of our dental trainees, even if it's just for a trial period?

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